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I'm Easy, a long-time League of Legends player, best known for mid lane in Challenger scene/competitive play. I have been on an array of competitive teams since season 2, including CLG Black in the NACS. I have also played in the LCS in Latin America, boasting the highest KDA of the mid laners for the season, and only dropping 1 best of 3 series. I specialize in mid lane, but can also comfortably coach adc, support, & top. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have been a top rated player since season 1. Below are my solo queue ratings per season. Season 1: 2000~ Season 2: 2200~ Season 3: Diamond 1 99 LP Season 4: Challenger 600-800 LP Season 5: Challenger 800~ LP Season 6: Challenger ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are a few of the things you can expect to learn in a session with me? - Optimization of Runes/Masteries/Builds - In game evaluation and on the spot tips - Critical examination of mechanics and solutions to trouble areas - VoD game review/replay analysis - Solo Queue tips / how to climb the ladder! - 1v1 Match-up practice sessions - Favorable trading - Wave management/roaming I also offer followup Q+A anytime following coaching (via Skype) In addition, I now offer duo / in-game coaching. Rates are different than standard coaching. PM for details. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Please come to the session with a VoD (preferably of a ranked game) you wish to be reviewed, or with recently played ranked games, on the champion, recorded on op.gg (as I can pull the replays from those) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pricing is as follows: 1-2hrs $25 per hour 3hrs $70 4hrs $90 6hrs $120 if you purchase 5 hours, I will add 1 FREE hour of coaching. 6hrs for the price of 5! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *I take all payment up front for coaching via Paypal. I do allow discounted rates within a week, if you purchase at least 2 hours for your first session. For example; if you were to purchase 2 hours of coaching today, then decided you wanted 2 more tomorrow, I will gladly prorate you for the total amount (4hrs) rather than making you pay full price for 2 more hours. (this only applies if additional sessions are within 1 week)


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