How to Get Started as a Leetup Pro

So you've gotten really good at this gaming stuff and you're ready to pass your knowledge onto the next up and commers. Great news, Leetup was created to give pro and semi-pro gamers the ability to offer coaching online.

We're currently looking for League of legends Pros to join the team, but we will be expanding domains including DOTA2, OverWatch, CS: GO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm in the near future. Let us know which game you would like to coach and we will let you know as soon as it's available.


Apply as a LoL Coach

First, please complete our short application for coaching League of Legends. Once we recieve your request, we will review it and a Leetup team member will contact you if you are selected.

Coach Registration

Create your Profile and Set your Price

Once accepted to the Leetup coaching roster we will work with you to optimize your profile and set your price. You can offer to coach students or play along with your fans.


Confirm your Appointments

When someone books a session you can confirm the appointment for the time that it is scheduled or you can message the person back to find a better time. If rescheduling is required, the student will need to book another appointment. Students are only charged for confirmed appointments.


Meet your Apprentice and Leetup!

You will meet your apprentice in a video chat when your session is scheduled to begin. You can access this through your appointments page. We recommend you take screenshots throughout your session or record the session for the rare case that a student files a wrongful dispute.

Our Refund Policy


Get Paid

Leetup manages all payment processing for you so all you need to think about is being the best coach you can be. Simply connect your stripe account from within your coach profile and you're off to the races.