How to Book a Session with a Pro

Check out our growing pool of League of Legends pros and rest assured we will be expanding to games like DOTA2, OverWatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and more in the very near future. Let us know which games you would like coaching for and we will let you know as soon as it's available.


Choose your League of Legends Coach

Click below to select from our ever growing list of qualified pros. Whether you main Top, Mid, Jungle, AD Carry or Support, we have a coach who will be perfect for you -- we promise!

Find Your Coach

Book your Coaching Session

Vist the home page to schedule an appointment. Choose to book either a Coaching Session or to Play the Pro.


Await Confirmation

Your pro will be notified of your booking and can confirm the time. If this time does not work for the pro they will send you a message and coordinate a better time. Book a new session from the pro’s profile and wait for the session to begin. You will only be charged when the coach confirms the appointment.

Our Refund Policy


Meet your Coach and Leet UP!

When it's for the session to begin, enter a custom video chat with your coach from the appointments tab. All you need to do is bring your learning cap and prepare to Leetup your game.